Australian Construction Awards 2019

Sydney Cricket Ground - Moore Park

Join us on March 14th 2019 for the Australian Construction Awards.

Deadline for Entries is 12th December 2018.

13 Awards are Up For Grabs. - We hope you can join us at the awards.



2018 Winners

We'd like to thank everyone for taking part in the Australian Construction Awards. The 2018 winners were announced on 15th March at the Sydney Cricket Grounds.

The Winners for 2018 are...


Health & Safety Solution of The Year:

Comply Flow Pty Ltd

What the judges said: 

This award celebrates outstanding contribution to improved H&S in the industry, with health & safety as their utmost priorities. This organisation has demonstrated consistent commitment to Occupational Health and Safety operations, utilising new cutting edge technologies that provides comprehensive backend analysis & documenting. With its large-scale infrastructure projects worldwide, this organisation has proved that they have the ability to streamline bureaucratic processes and adaptation.


Process Innovation:

Kingfield Galvanizing

What the judges said:

This award focuses on how companies have developed working methods to show greater efficiency or have seen a substantial improvement in profits as a result of new processes. The award celebrates excellence in innovation and great levels of improvement in the organisation’s process delivery. The winner has demonstrated their ability to increase efficiency by reducing large amounts of materials wastage and exposure to volatile gases. They have increased levels of energy efficiency through utilising plant heat to aid pre-manufacturing processes as well as its automation systems that are capable of moving hazardous and volatile vapours in an enclosed plant.



Product Innovation:

Boss Fire

What the judges said:

There are thousands of products & resources catering to the Construction Industry in Australia, so standing out can be a challenge. The industry constantly introduces new and innovative solutions which enables us to adapt how we design, build, and operate. This category received the most entries. There was one company in particular that stood out from the tough competition. This award recognises those who have risen to the challenge through creativity & innovation in their product line. The winning organisation has achieved great levels of creativity through innovative product development in the field of passive fire protection.



Technological Innovation:

Plan Radar

What the judges said:

Technology and software play a big part in influencing the way we operate in the construction industry whether its through the use of modeling software, virtual reality, or 3D visualisation. This award celebrates the importance of technological innovations in the Australian Construction Industry. Our winner has shown their ability to develop eye-catching and seamless technology aimed at creating new and dynamic environments. They have developed excellent practical products for all projects while also reducing cost and labour hours with its innovative cloud based software.


Supplier of The Year:


What the judges said:

Every stakeholder in the construction industry plays a part in keeping the projects moving forward. The supplier of the year focuses on the importance of providing quality products in a timely manner, with its ability to meet deadlines and plan ahead of their schedules. This Winning organisation has built a successful network across the construction industry and should be commended for their resilience in tough environmental & political conditions. Through their clear and comprehensive approach,they have developed top-notch quality products & services for the market. They are proving to be a great model for others to follow.



Sustainable Construction Award:

Sydney Metro Delivery Office

What the judges said:

Sustainability is another key aspect for every construction project. The Sustainable Construction Award acknowledges outstanding achievement and success of the building projects in Australia. The Winner is the largest and most significant transport infrastructure project in the country. Where the organisation’s project takes a holistic triple bottom line approach in terms of environmental and socio-economic sustainability.



Marketing Initiative:

Simone Homes

What the judges said:

Marketing campaigns are essential in ensuring messages gets communicated across the industry. The Marketing Initiative of the Year Award recognises outstanding campaigns implemented for projects or a company, both internally and externally. The winning company takes the initiative to inform the public about the building industry with a consumer information platform. They also educate people through marketing tools such as video integrations in order to showcase interesting and interactive topics.



Offsite Construction of The Year:

One Construct

What the judges said:

Offsite construction is developing at a rapid pace, with a wide range of products & services offered. This award celebrates outstanding practices and expertise across projects that pave the pathway for other companies to innovate further and beyond. The winner is capable of showcasing innovation & success by utilising prefabrication methods. Their versatility enables the company to plan ahead to solve housing, emergency, immigration & security problems in Australia.


Regeneration Project of The Year:

Parkwood Modular Building

What the judges said:

Australia is developing rapidly, numerous major construction projects are planned or underway throughout the continent. This award recognises those who often had the challenging task of maintaining historical identity and context, whilst planning for the 21st century and beyond, in order to create lasting future communities. All the entries were outstanding with one that stood out as a true regeneration definition. The winner of this award has shown a combination between heritage and innovative construction methods.


Architectural Design of The Year:


What the judges said:

Architectural design is a vital aspect within the construction industry that shapes the entire project. Architecture can truly make a difference in people’s lives. The winning entry is able to provide refreshing modernism with clear, articulated spaces. Their designs are beautifully crafted and detailed. They combine elements of heritage themes which blend well with modern styles.


Women In Construction Award:

Digital Node

What the judges said:

This award celebrates the outstanding contribution of women in the construction industry and recognises the achievements of those that have forged a path for others to follow. The winner of the Women in Construction award has shown inspirational leadership in the construction industry. She has also contributed a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the BIM sector. 


Risk Engineer of The Year Award:

Build Safe

What the judges said:

The construction industry often faces different levels of risk in day to day operations. While risk assessment is vital in ensuring all safety regulations are met, this Award also recognises the expertise that companies use in assessing, managing, and mitigating day-to-day risks. This company demonstrated their innovative use of risk management tools combined with the knowledge of experienced personnel to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.


Australian Build Excellence Award:


What the judges said:

This award celebrates the most outstanding contribution to Australia’s Construction Industry, whether through radical innovation or sheer persistence. The award takes into consideration all aspects of construction from design, build-ups, technology & automation, sustainability, efficiency, and more. This company has shown the ability to minimise noises, disturbances, produce well-designed and detailed buildings while taking into consideration material sizes and dimensions in order to maximise product usage, at the same time reducing material wastage. It stands out with its dedication to quality and efficiency which is evident when looking at their final products.

Award Badges: