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The Leading construction & Design awards for Australia

14 March 2019

THE ACA is Co-Hosted with Australia’s Leading and Largest Construction and Design Show, Sydney BUILD

We'd like to thank the hundreds of companies who took the time to enter the Australian Construction Awards this year, below is a shortlist of companies with entries that stood out from the crowd.

Winners and runners up will be announced on the night, we look forward to seeing you there.




Providing a safe working environment is vital. This award celebrates outstanding contribution to improved H&S in the industry, whether through a specific product or through process adaptation.

  • 152 HQ

  • Haulotte

  • John Holland

  • Nondrill

  • TIKS

  • UGL Limited

  • Uni-Span

  • USG Boral

  • Vanguard Wireless

  • WBS Technology


They say there is a method in the madness, but this award focuses on how companies have developed working methods to show greater efficiency or have seen a substantial improvement in profits as a result of new processes.

  • 152HQ

  • Aggreko

  • Austruss

  • Davies Design and Construction

  • iBuild Consultants

  • Safetyline Jalousie

  • Strawtec

  • Sydney Water Corporation - Elemental Projects

  • Toyesi

  • WBS Technology


There are a huge number of products and materials available to anyone working in the Australian Construction Industry, so standing out can be a challenge. This award recognises those who have risen to that challenge, through innovation in their product line to create something that cannot be ignored.

  • Atlite Skylights

  • Bionova

  • Combined Group

  • Makinex Construction Products

  • Multipanel

  • Nondrill

  • PRO9 Global

  • USG Boral

  • Velux

  • WBS Technology


Software and technology are having an increasing influence on the construction industry, whether it is through the use of modelling software or the varying uses of virtual reality. This award will acknowledge the important impact of technological innovations throughout the last year.

  • Davies Design and Construction

  • Meriton Group

  • My Build App

  • Nexvia

  • Plangrid

  • Propeller Aero

  • Seels Technology

  • Sitemobi

  • Sydney Trains

  • UNSW


The industry relies on a number of stakeholders to keep projects moving. Supplier of the year is a company that provides quality, on time, every time.

  • Moddex Group

  • Aggreko

  • Austruss

  • GTE Australia

  • Legal Vision

  • Nucon

  • Premier Slate Products

  • USG Boral

  • Weathertex


Sustainability has become a key consideration for every construction project. This award will recognise outstanding achievement and success in implementing a sustainable strategy during building projects.

  • Architectus

  • Easy Eaves

  • Enviropacific

  • Heworth Construction

  • John Holland CPB Contractors Ghella (JHCPBG)

  • Pro9 Global

  • Seels Technology

  • Strawtec

  • The Footprint Company

  • Velux Australia


Marketing in an ever evolving industry can be both invigorating and challenging for any marketing team, how can your message be heard amid a cacophony of noise? This award celebrates an outstanding campaign for either a project or a company, from internal or external marketing teams.

  • Aoun Construction

  • Dropbox

  • Geocon

  • Heworth Construction

  • Modscape

  • Paynter Dixon

  • Plangrid

  • Snaploader

  • Tradie Web Guys


Offsite construction is developing at a rapid pace, with a huge range of products and services now available. This award celebrates outstanding innovation, best practice and expertise in a project over the past 12 months, paving the way for other companies to innovate further.

  • Austruss

  • CPB Contractors

  • CSR Inclose

  • Fleetwood

  • JMB Modular Buildings

  • Modscape

  • Pro9 Global


Australian cities are evolving at a rapid rate, with major regeneration projects appearing all over the country. This award praises those who often have the challenging task of maintaining historical identity and context, whilst bringing it into the 21st century, in order to create lasting future communities.

  • Carragher Homes

  • Custance Associates

  • Dapcor

  • Forte

  • GreenElec

  • Hamilton Marino Builders

  • Hutchinson Builders

  • Joe Adsett Architects

  • Multiplex Australasia


Once in a while, the design of a building will extend beyond the realms of expectation, creating excitement, intrigue and awe. This award will celebrate projects that have been designed in such a way in order to be sympathetic to the environment & surroundings, functional for purpose, and innovative in style

  • Architectus

  • JMB Modular Buildings

  • Joe Adsett Architects

  • Koichi Takada Architects

  • Mostaghim & Associates

  • Multiplex Australiasia

  • Paynter Dixon

  • Sydney Trains

  • Tasman Group

  • Velux


The impact and influence of women on the construction industry is becoming more and more important. This award celebrates the outstanding contribution by any company, individual or project that is paving the way for women in the construction industry.

  • ABD Group

  • Brook Lane

  • Dynatech Industries

  • Gartner Rose

  • Lahey Construction

  • Laing O Rourke

  • Meli Studio

  • PTP Alliance

  • Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen

  • Top 100 Women Ltd / TSR


This award celebrates the outstanding contribution to Australia’s Construction Industry, whether through radical innovation or sheer persistence.

  • Alliance Project Group

  • Cavcorp

  • Hamilton Marino Builders

  • Hutchinson Builders

  • Joe Adsett Architecs

  • Multiplex Australasia

  • Strawtec

  • Tasman Group

  • Terence Yong Architecture, Shed (Architecture) with Archemy, Space Control (Interior Design)

  • WaterNSW - W2BH

The Australian Construction Awards are judged by a leading panel of industry experts form across the architecture, design and construction industry. Below you will find details of the judges who have agreed to take part in the judging panel this year. Additional judges are to be added shortly.

The award categories are divided equally between the judges. The judges are only voting on categories where they feel they have a strong background and they are not allowed to vote on any categories where there could be any conflict of interest. Judges feedback for the winners and the runners up will be released at the awards ceremony.

Applicants are NOT allowed to contact judges directly to discuss their awards nomination. If the judges require clarification on any points then they will contact the organiser who will then liaise between the two parties.


ACA 2019 Award Judges

12 Awards Judged by Australia’s Most Credible Construction Heads

Christina Knorr 300x300.jpg

Stephen Grubitis & Associates

Christina Knorr, Senior Fire Safety Engineer

Alexia-Lidas 300 x 300.jpg

Design Futures Council

Alexia Lidas, Managing Director

Adam Sheather 300 x 300.jpg

Bad Monkeys

Adam Sheather, Co Founder

Dr Caroline Noller.jpg

The Footprint Company

Dr. Caroline Noller, Founder & CSO

Bob Sharon 300x300.jpg

Blue IoT

Bob Sharon, Founder & Chief Innovator

Holger de Groot 300 x 300.jpg


Holger de Groot, National Director of BIM

Keith Mak 300 x 300.jpg

Greenland Australia

Keith Mak, Design Manager

Hannah Morton 300 x 300.png


Hannah Morton, Associate

Kevin Peddie 300 x 300.jpg


Kevin Peddie, Associate and Regional Manager

SandeepAmin 300x300.jpg

DesignInc Sydney

Sandeep Amin, Managing Director

Steven Asnicar 300 x 300.jpg

Diversity Australia

Steven Asnicar, CEO

Rodd Perey 300 x 300.png


Rodd Perry, Principal

Emily Mudge 300 x 300.jpg

Icon Co

Emily Mudge, Health, Government & Institution Sector Management

paul kouppas 300x300.jpg


Paul Kouppas, Team Lead

Max Van Biene.jpg

edge environment

Max Van Biene, Principal Consultant and Head of Project Delivery

Kate Hannaford 300x300.jpg

watpac limited

Kate Hannaford, Head of Business Strategy

Dhanjeet Sah.jpg


Dhanjeet Shah, National BIM manager

David Alessi.jpg

Icon Co

David Alessi, Business Development Manager

Rebecca De Cicco.jpg

Digital NoDE

Rebecca De Cicco, Director

Brett Hazlett.jpg

Global GreenTag

Brett Hazlett, Global Certification Strategist

Jamie Bonnefin.jpg

certified energy

Jamie Bonnefin, Founding Director

Dr Sebastian Haan.jpg


Dr Sebastian Haan, Director and Lead Data Scientist


Charlie Pidcock Pty Ltd

Charlie Pidcock, Director


Jo Gillies, Director

Kylie Mills 300 x 300.png

BluKube Architecture

Kylie Mills, Architect

Scentre Group Design

Elise Challenor, Interior Designer

Andrea Kraal.jpg


Andrea Kraal, Project Engineer Manager

Matt Dillon.jpg

Green Roofs Australasia

Matthew Dillon, President

Awards Events Timings

19:00 - 19:45


Registration and Welcome Reception

Noble Dining Room, LEVEL 2
Driver Avenue, Moore Park,
NSW 2021

19:45 - 20:00

Maddison Architects_StaffDec17-143.jpg

Keynote Presentation from Peter Maddison, Host of Grand Designs Australia

Australian architect and television presenter, best known for presenting the TV series Grand Designs Australia, Peter Maddison, will be giving the OPENING speech for the 2019 awards.

Maddison is a practising architect, who started working as a student in 1978 with Peter Crone & Associates. He also worked with Morris & Pirotta Architects, Cocks & Carmichael Architects, and was a Partner with McIntyre Partnership Architects & Urban Planners, before founding his own practice Maddison Architects Pty Ltd in 1988.

Maddison is a long-standing member of the Australian Institute of Architects' Small Practice Forum and Awards Taskforce.

20:00 - 21:30


3 Course Dinner served with Refreshments

Entertainment to be provided during dinner service

21:30 - 23:15


Awards Announcements and Speeches

  • Health & Safety solution of the year

  • Process innovation of the year

  • product innovation of the year

  • technological innovation of the year

  • Supplier of the year

  • sustainable construction award

  • Marketing initiative OF the year

  • offsite construction project of the year

  • regeneration project of the year

  • architectural design of the year

  • women in construction award

  • Australian build excellence award



  • Between 19:15 and 22:15, the bar at the Australian Construction Awards will provide free flow drinks. After 22:15, the bar will return to a cash bar.


The Australian Construction Awards will be taking place alongside the industry leading exhibition and conference:  Sydney Build Expo

The Sydney Build Expo will be taking place on March 14th (9:30am - 5:30pm) and 15th (9:30am - 4:30pm) at the Royal Hall of Industries and Hordern Pavillion. The awards ceremony will take place on the evening of day one of the event. The majority of those who are attending the exhibition will be coming along to the awards.

If you would like to exhibit, speak or simply attend the awards please go to:  or contact: