Shortlist, Criteria & FAQ

We would like to thank everyone who entered the Construction Awards, the judging panel and everyone who will be coming to the awards evening. If you have any questions regarding the plan for the evening and event timings, please click here

Voting Criteria:

The judges were asked to vote using their own personal experience within the industry and to take in to consideration the following criteria:

a) The winning company has a product/solution or project that has a distinct competitive advantage when compared with other companies.

b) The winning company has carefully considered innovation and research in their product, solution or project

c) They have shown a unique approach to design quality, aesthetics, function or life cycle

d) The winning company has shown they are adept with  - new systems, efficiency, technology or improved construction methods


The judges were NOT allowed to vote on a specific category if they: a) believe there is a conflict of interest in terms of the work they do with an entrant.  b) feel they do not have the knowledge required to vote. c) do not feel that they have a strong opinion on the winner.  d) know any of the entrants on a personal level.


Shortlist & Voting

The judges were sent the nominations and asked to vote and provide their feedback on the entries. Each judge was asked to vote for: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

The votes were counted with 1st place receiving 3 points, 2nd place receiving 2 points and 3rd place receiving 1 point. The votes are tallied and the shortlist created from the top ranked companies who entered. If there were a particular popular category or a tie on votes then the shortlist would be extended to include these companies.


Announcement of Winners:

The winners will be announced on the 15th March at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The winning entrant for each category will be based on the number of first place votes secured, if it is a tie, second and third place votes will be factored in.

Only the judges are eligible to vote on the awards.

Attendance to the awards is NOT compulsory for winners, shortlisted companies or entrants. If you have been shortlisted and are not able to attend this will NOT affect your chances of winning any of the awards.  If any company who has been shortlisted for the awards cannot attend the awards evening then they may wish to appoint the organiser to collect the award on their behalf, should they win their category. In these instances you will be contacted and informed that you have won and will be sent the trophy, press release, logos and relevant material.

The comments from all judges who voted for the winner in each category will be combined and this will be read out, included in a press release and printed on our website and relevant marketing materials. 


1. Health & Safety Solution of The Year:
Comply Flow Pty Ltd
Safety Link
Perfect Contracting Pty Ltd
Eco Formwork Systems Pty Ltd

2. Process Innovation
Pro9 Global
Kingfield Galvanizing
Buildcorp Group Pty Ltd

3. Product Innovation
Tek Tile Australia - Brian Cummins Group
Kingspan Environmental Pty Limited
Boss Fire
Evo Building Products
Pro9 Global

4. Technological Innovation
Comply Flow Pty Ltd
Urban Tech
Plan Radar
Pro9 Global
Apollo Kitchens

5. Supplier of The Year
Ocon Services
Australian Sustainable Hardwoods
Edge Environment
Matt Blatt

6. Sustainable Construction Award
Floth Sustainable Building Consultants
Perfect Contracting Pty Ltd
Pro9 Global
Sydney Metro Delivery Office
Downer Group
Paul Barnett Design Group

7. Marketing Initiative
Aoun Construction
Simone Homes

8. Offsite Construction of The Year
One Construct
Paynter Dixon

9. Regeneration Project of The Year
Beach Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd
Parkwood Modular Building

10. Architectural Design of The Year
Dream Design Build
Cox Architecture
Paynter Dixon
Aleksandar Design Group
Longton Capital

11. Women in Construction Award
TSR Property Solutions
Turner & Townsend Thinc Pty Limited
Digital Node
Norman Disney & Young
Leap Constructions

12. Risk Engineer of The Year Award

13. Australian Build Excellence Award
Uniq Building Group
Attena Group Pty Ltd
Simone Homes
Profile of Designs



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